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* Habla Español
  • LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor

  • CCST - Clinical Certified Sand tray Therapist 

  • CAGCS - Certified Advanced Grief Counselor Specialist

  • LCDC - Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

  • MAC- Master Addictions Counselor

  • CCTP- Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Elizabeth Arredondo

Elizabeth Arredondo, M. Ed., LPC-S, CCST, CAGCS
Director of Rapha Counseling


(Accelerated Resolution Therapy)


Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor


Clinical Certified Sand tray Therapist 

Certified Advance Grief Counselor Specialist


Certified Clinical Trauma Professional


Mental Health Coach

Elizabeth's Therapy Hours:

Monday 10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday 10am - 6 pm 

Thursday 10am - 6 pm


Elizabeth 'Betty' Arredondo is a graduate of the University of Texas at Pan American in Edinburg, Texas. There she received her Bachelor's in Spanish and Business and a
master’s in counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S), Certified School Counselor (CSC) and a Texas State Board certified LPC supervisor. Betty is a certified Sand Tray Counselor (CCST) as well as a certified advanced grief counselor specialist (CAGCS). Betty has worked in the public school system for 27 years as a teacher and school counselor before retiring from NEISD where she worked as a middle school crisis intervention counselor. During her internship she worked with CASA in the Rio Grande Valley. There she worked with foster children, women in halfway housing, couples and families seeking healing.
     As a breast cancer survivor, Betty believes that faith and the power of positive thinking brings healing to one's body, soul and spirit. She volunteered for 7 years of an international women's organization working with women in the healing of the soul and body through faith and positive thinking.
     Her counseling techniques experience include cognitive-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, rational-emotive therapy, conflict resolution, restorative practices, Restorative Resolution Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy for trauma and faith-based counseling. Her experience lies best with children, adolescents, couples, and families that may need help working through trauma, grief, life transitions and ADHD coping skills. 
Betty is married with two boys. She enjoys spending time with family, reading, and
traveling. Betty authored a book about her journey through breast cancer titled A Journey of Healing From the Inside Out.
     She feels there is no greater joy in her work than to the see her clients find healing when healing did not seem to be a choice. She believes in the power of healing from the inside out, we just must be willing to get there.

Betty is fluent in both English and Spanish
Christine Myers

Christine Myers M.A., LPC-S, LCDC, MAC, CCTP

Christine is a retired United States Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer who has been in the mental health/substance abuse career field since 2007. She has worked as a Mental Health Case Manager and a Program Manager for the homeless with mental health/addiction issues. Christine has continued to work with local non-profit organizations in the San Antonio area.

Prior to her counseling career, she owned, choreographed and established a dance studio in conjunction with Northside Independent School District. She incorporates a type of dance therapy for Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from her experience in dance.

In addition, Mrs. Myers instructs "At-Risk" females and individuals struggling with eating disorders, dance techniques to assist them in the Appreciation/Self-Preservation aspects to respect their bodies. Christine uses sports/coaching for children-adults for various personal concerns.

She was the United States Air Force Vandenburg's AFB Athlete of the Year for softball, volleyball and basketball in 1992. She continues to work and volunteer at various churches in Biblical Counseling. As the Executive Director for a pregnancy center, Christine organized procedures for young ladies in counseling, procuring appointments for ultra-sounds and addressing self-addictions. Crisis Management is one of Christine's main focuses as she was assigned to the National Veterans Military Suicide Crisis Line for 3 years.

Christine's counseling experience includes adults, couples, families, single mothers, teenagers and children. She continues to work on her education towards a second master's degree in social work. Christine is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor(LPC-S), a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), a Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), a Clinical Counselor Trauma Professional (CCTP), an ART(Accelerated Resolution Therapist) and EMDR Provider.

In her off-time, Christine is continuing with her Crisis Management and International Trauma credentialing.

Christine Myers

(Accelerated Resolution Therapy)


Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor


Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor


Master Addiction Counselor


Clinical Certified Trauma Professional

Christine's Therapy Hours:

Wednesday 7 am-6 pm 

Thursday 7 am - 7 pm 

Saturday 7 am - 1 pm 

Ijeoma too chiobi

Ijeoma Too Chiobi M.A., LPC

Diligent Licensed Professional Counselor exercising competency in broad subject-matter in counseling therapies, including substance abuse, grief and domestic violence.


Knowledgeable in youth and adolescent development, including social, behavioral, emotional and cognitive strategies.


Exhibiting expertise in listening, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. A certified educational diagnostician in the state of Texas; I have the knowledge of assessing, identifying, and working with persons with disabilities that affect school performance.


Ijeoma's Therapy Hours:

(Telehealth Only)

 Saturday 7 am - 6 pm

Michelle Brakhage

Michelle Brakhage, M.S., LPC

Michelle is a graduate of Florida State University where she earned a bachelor's in Psychology and Troy State University where she earned a master's in Counseling and Human Development. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licensed by the state of Texas.

Michelle retired from the federal government where she served for 25 years as a government civilian. In her years of federal service, she counseled military families in the areas of domestic violence, deployment, reintegration, stress and anger management, anxiety and depression and all issues related to military life. Before she retired, she was a program manager with headquarters Army family programs at Ft Sam Houston.

Her counseling techniques include short term solution focused counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as tailoring her techniques based on the needs of the client. Michelle's strengths lie with adolescents and adults of all ages.

Michelle was a military spouse whose husband is now retired from the US Navy. Michelle enjoys her family, gardening, volunteering to help others in need and spending time with her two rescue pups at home.


Michelle's Therapy Hours:

(Telehealth Only)

Tuesday and Wednesday 12pm - 6 pm

Philomena Toomey

Philomena Toomey LPC/LCDC

I am a licensed professional counselor who provides psychotherapy to adolescents, adults and families. I specialize in using evidenced based therapy, my experience includes anxiety disorders, depression, self-esteem, stress management, substance use, relationship issues, family conflicts, domestic violence.

I believe therapy is most effective when personalized to meet the needs, strengths and goals of each client. 

Philomena's Therapy Hours:

Monday & Friday 6 pm -8 pm Saturday 9 am - 3 pm

Carolyn L. Gallardo

Carolyn L. Gallardo MH Intern, BS, LVN1

Supervised by Elizabeth Arredondo, M. Ed., LPC-S, CCST, CAGCS

Carol is a graduate Of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is Student Intern pursuing her Master’s Degree in becoming a  licensed counselor in Mental Health. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse for over 35 years specializing in family care and Public Health. She has been a Substitute Teacher for 3 years for grades Pre K- 5th grade. She loves traveling and has lived in San Antonio all her life and San Francisco for 8 years learning multicultural beliefs, lifestyles and empowering women and teens to become healthy in mind and body.   

She specializes in therapy with a solution-focused approach using her client's strengths to arrive at solutions to their current problem.

She believes that her clients are individuals who has many gifts and talents, but who find themselves facing challenges. She has experience in helping women, teens and children who face challenges in the areas of health and growth, spiritual concerns, overeating and self-esteem. She also helps couples in their premarital preparation and relationship issues going into their journey of marriage or commitments. She also helps couples who want to renew their commitment after being in their relationship for years. She has been giving Premarital and relationship classes for 8 years now and is now  has added Divorce care and Anxiety classes.
She uses Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Compassion focused, Dialectical Behavior (DBT), Family / Pre-Marital/ Renewing long relationships, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Brief (SFBT), Strength-Based.
Carolyn Gallardo_edited.jpg

Carolyn's Therapy Hours:

Not currently seeing clients - Studying for LPC-Associate test

But she will be back eager to see clients.

Laura Griffin

Laura Griffin LPC-Associate

Supervised by Elizabeth Arredondo, M. Ed., LPC-S, CCST, CAGCS

Laura graduated from Texas A&M University where she received her Bachelor’s in English Literature, and the University of Texas at San Antonio where she earned a Master’s in School Counseling. Prior to working as a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate, Laura worked in the field of education for 9 years as a teacher, instructional coach, and school counselor. 


Laura’s beliefs about the power of the counseling relationship and the inherent strengths of the individual are what drive the theoretical approach she takes to counseling, which is a combination of narrative, solution-focused, and strengths-based counseling.  She believes that individuals should be viewed within the cultural context in which they exist and that the narratives we hear and tell ourselves about who we are can be extremely powerful. Laura practices as an LPC-Associate under the supervision of Elizabeth (Betty) Arredondo, M.Ed, LPC-S, CCST, CAGCS, CCTP. 

Laura Griffin.jpg

Laura's Therapy Hours:

Tuesday 9am-4pm

Friday 10am-4pm

Natialie Sanchez

Natalie Sanchez Practicum Student

Supervised by Elizabeth Arredondo, M. Ed., LPC-S, CCST, CAGCS

Natalie earned a Bachelor of Science from Texas State University- San Marcos in 2014. She is currently completing her master’s in Human Development and Counseling and is a practicum student at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. Prior to pursuing a career in counseling, Natalie worked as a bilingual (Spanish) early childhood educator for 8 years in the San Antonio area. 


Natalie has experience working with children and adolescents from various cultural backgrounds and demographics. Over the past 10 years, she organized various spiritual wellness retreats for the youth and young adults in her local community. She’s passionate about helping marriages and families find hope despite their current circumstances. She believes in building a trusting relationship with her clients and working together to implement long-lasting solutions. 


Natalie believes that her clients have the power to make positive changes in their lives. She knows the importance of listening to every clients’ unique story. Her theoretical approach includes a combination of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused, Person-Centered, and Strength-Based therapy. Natalie practices under the supervision of Elizabeth (Betty) Arredondo, M.Ed, LPC-S, CCST, CAGCS, CCTP. 


Natalie's Therapy Hours:

Tuesday & Friday 5-7 pm, Wednesday 4-7 pm

Commited to your Well Being

We're committed to your well being here at Rapha Counseling

We know there are a lot of choices when considering a Counseling group, I consider our group one of the best San Antonio has to offer. Everyday we strive to improve and bring more options to our clients. In that we also understand everyone is different and that “rapport” with their Counselor is essential. If for any reason you don’t feel connected to your therapist please call us and we will assist you in finding another therapist within our organization. We offer many highly qualified therapists that can step right in.

Alex Arredondo

Rapha Counseling Administrator

Business Office

P.O. Box 34834

San Antonio, TX 78265

Office:  210.757.3150

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