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Curret Directions until Oct 1st

Rapha Counseling
18965 F.M. 2252, Suite 8
Garden Ridge, TX. 78266
​​Office: 210-757-3150

Office hours: M-F 9am-6pm
We do our best to be  accommodating by personally answering all calls during these hours and we
do not close for lunch

         Our Office is Located at
     18965 F.M. 2252 Suite 8
    Garden R
idge, TX. 78266

Going North, after the Garden Ridge sign

take the third entrance on the left
Big Black Mailbox has a Red X on it 
Overman Properties Building


Overman Properties Building


Through glass doors
Suite 8 (with glass window)

There will be a $ 75.00 no show fee charged for cancelations under 24 hours notice.
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