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Faith-Based Intensive Trauma Retreats

2-Day Retreat - Breakfast and Lunch provided

Next Retreat Aug 2 & 3

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  • Our retreats are designed to help you overcome the pain and suffering caused from traumatic experiences

  • Our retreats are set in a serene setting away from the everyday stresses and distractions of your daily life

  • We offer a SAFE & SUPPORTIVE, environment were you can explore your thoughts, feelings & emotions with others who have gone through similar experiences

  • You will join a small group of like minded individuals who share your struggles and goals

  • You will also have the opportunity to reflect, pray and worship


Our retreats are led by a licensed and experienced therapist who specializes in trauma treatment

This Comprehensive Program Includes

~ The Psycho-Education behind common reactions to trauma
~ Understanding of how trauma affects your mind, body and soul
~ You will be able to identify trauma triggers
~ How to cope with overwhelming emotions 
~ How to break free from negative patterns of thinking & feeling
~ Set healthy boundaries & improve your relationships

~ Biblically based assignments and activities​
~ Relaxation and self-care practices​


​Don't let trauma "rob" you of the abundant life that God has for you!

​Our retreats are suitable for anyone who has experienced a traumatic event at least 3 months ago and is not currently suicidal, self-harming, harming others or abusing substances

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