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Through Telehealth we can see any client in  the State of Texas

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Faith-Based Intensive Trauma Retreats

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Do you feel like your life has been shattered by trauma?


Do you struggle with emotions, thoughts and behaviors that keep you from living fully and joyfully?


Do you long for a deeper connection with God and yourself?

If you’re looking for a way to heal from trauma and find hope for the future, then our faith-based intensive trauma retreats might be right for you. Our retreats are designed to help you overcome the pain and suffering caused by traumatic experiences. We offer a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your feelings, thoughts, and emotions with others who have gone through similar experiences. Our retreats are led by experienced professionals who use evidence-based practices to help you heal and recover from trauma.


Mental Health Counseling

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With compassion and understanding, we help individuals find resolution to a wide range of personal issues and concerns.


We place great emphasis on the healing of the heart and soul of past hurts that have left unforgettable scars. 

Together we work to develop strength and skills to achieve life goals.


Our Rapha providers can help you implement healthy and effective communication skills while at home and work.

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