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ART Provider

Accelerated Resolution Therapy


Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor


Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor


Master Addiction Counselor


Clinical Certified Trauma Professional


Christine Myers



Christine's Therapy Hours:

Wednesday 7am - 6pm 

Thursday 7am - 6pm 

Saturday 7am - 2pm 

Christine is a retired United States Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer who has been in the mental health/substance abuse career field since 2007. She has worked as a Mental Health Case Manager and a Program Manager for the homeless with mental health/addiction issues. Christine has continued to work with local non-profit organizations in the San Antonio area.

Prior to her counseling career, she owned, choreographed and established a dance studio in conjunction with Northside Independent School District. She incorporates a type of dance therapy for Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from her experience in dance.

In addition, Mrs. Myers instructs "At-Risk" females and individuals struggling with eating disorders, dance techniques to assist them in the Appreciation/Self-Preservation aspects to respect their bodies. Christine uses sports/coaching for children-adults for various personal concerns.

She was the United States Air Force Vandenburg's AFB Athlete of the Year for softball, volleyball and basketball in 1992. She continues to work and volunteer at various churches in Biblical Counseling. As the Executive Director for a pregnancy center, Christine organized procedures for young ladies in counseling, procuring appointments for ultra-sounds and addressing self-addictions. Crisis Management is one of Christine's main focuses as she was assigned to the National Veterans Military Suicide Crisis Line for 3 years.

Christine's counseling experience includes adults, couples, families, single mothers, teenagers and children. She continues to work on her education towards a second master's degree in social work. Christine is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor(LPC-S), a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), a Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), a Clinical Counselor Trauma Professional (CCTP), an ART(Accelerated Resolution Therapist) and EMDR Provider.

In her off-time, Christine is continuing with her Crisis Management and International Trauma credentialing.

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